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With a Combined experience of over 20 years in the IT, Finance, Insurance and other people skills, our team is able to understand your needs and foresee your future requirements today. We are a small team Lead by Mandla Kubheka and Boitumelo Mokolobati the owners and creators of the Core Funeral Business Software. Our technical team and support staff have over the years honed thier skills specifically for the Insurance and Funeral business in South Africa and through Africa.

We can easily migrate you from your existing systems or manual process and train your staff into our secure digital environment quickly and safely with little or no business interruption.

Creative solutions

Collect premiums via debit order or at retail stores like Woolies, Shoprite, Boxer, Rhino, Pick n Pay, Checkers, Pep, Ackermans, Builders warehouse and all Easypay or Pay@ Paypoints TODAY!.
Policy holders can just sms the word Join and then answer a few questions to join your Scheme or go on your website and click join to join directly from thier phones..
All your data from all your branches is linked centrally instantly so that you can access daily reports anywhere in the world.
Get access to accurate and fast claims processing that can link directly to your underwrite and allow your policy holders to start a claim on thier phones directly to your office.


Over 10k daily debit orders and easypay transactions securely processed
over 345k policies managed via our software.


System always on
Our support always ready to assist.

I registered online in the middle of the night and by beginning of business day the next morning my system was setup and i was already able to capture membership and allow then to pay premiums via uSave. Its costing me only R99pm and the software covers all my business needs allowing me to focus on growing the business..

Mr Vusi Khithika

Khuthalane Funerals

We use this software to enable our company to collect data nationaly from funeral parlors and brokers as an intermidiary. We can manage claims and insurer premiums as easy as Click, Register and Login..

Dr Makhaye

Solutions For You (SA)

It has been 11 years since we started using this software. We can manage our Fleet, Funeral arrangements and daily Policy Admin including the Reporting and HR Data. Mandla and Tumi have always been reliable and serviced us faily and surprisingly progressive.

Mr Ledwaba

Ledwaba Friendly Society

Our Company uses a large number of brokers and reps to canvas policy holders and we rely heavily on this secure mobile device to collect new membership and payments using the Core Mobile devices. Boitumelo Corporate IT is always ready to help fascilitate impromptu marketing ideas onto the system when we urgently need.

Robart Brown

24 hours

Core is ALL Systems in 1

SAGE Accounting Intergration.

Core is the only Funeral parlor solution that directly intergrates to your SAGE Products like Pastel, Sage 1 and Sage 300 in partnership with SAGE S.A.

HR, Shifts, Payslips.

The HR module in CORE allows you to manage your employees, email payslips, control full-time and temp shifts as well as link your employees to drivers and cars in the fleet module

Full Insurance CRM.

Improve Customer Service, Generate more leads for Policy Sales and Know how your Sales Reps are perfoming. Use CORE to attract high quality funeral bookings and increase profits.

Invoicing, Laybye & Body.

CORE gives you Full Invoicing (debtors & creditors), Sales, Quotes and Tombstone Lay-Bye System. Body Register with Complete Funeral Arrangement linked to Claims Process + Automated SMs and Email communication.


Boitumelo Mokolobati - Head IT and Product Development

We strive daily to deliver a software solution that meets the FSCA standards and helps our customers realize thier goals. My team together with other financial sector experts constantly work with business managers and IT influencers so as to always use best development standards and best practices that will give the funeral sector a technology spinal cord that they can leverage thier business growth around.
My passion for the funeral industry and experience comes from years working withing the Insurance and Funeral arena and being on the ground to understand the needs of the small, medium and large funeral parlor and insrurance brokers.

Martin Mokhwibitjane - Sales and marketing

Your sales force and reps rely on a robust and dependable solution that they can use to bring business and keep the existing client base for you and that is why the CORE Software has been built for speed, mobility and low data usage to empower your sales force that sell your business to the world. We have scheduled training sessions every wednesday and monday at our offices that you can book to join us teach your staff about new functionalities and other ways to get the most out of the software.

Zama Madela - Customer Data Sales-Force Team Leader

My aim is to make sure that the precious data we accumulate from our clients is guarded safely and as securely as possible. Accuracy of information is paramount to the core of my responsibilities and we always look for innovative ways to make sure that all parlors and insurers access thier data as securely as possible and always on time via mobile devices or the usual computer technologies.
I will always make sure that our data team is up to speed with the CORE system and all hands on deck to assist you move data from your manual forms into the system.

Lesego Kubu - Compliance and Regulations Lead

Regulations change often and making sure that your organisation is always aware of changes to regulations can become a burden for you and that is why I manage a team that keeps abreast of changing compliance issues and published regulations. We pour our knowledge into the CORE Software so that as much of your compliace with insurers is automatically handled. We guide and advice your organisation and we build tools that help you comply with bodies like the FSCA and SARBs. So do not hesitate, join our family and be part of changing the face of the funeral industry in Africa.

Nkosi Sibanda - SAGE Accounting and Intergration

The CORE Software has given my team the resources to make accouting for your parlor/insurance easier and more maneagable. As the head integrator i have been able to make sure that Core makes for best accounting sense no matter which Core module you are using. We have built this software so that it feeds all the neccesary data to and from SAGE accounting packages in the back-end allowing you to work without and onsite financial officer and totally relying on Core to do all your financial reporting to SAGE resulting in a huge saving on accounting services in the long run.

Morongwa Warie - Customer Data Sales-Force

Part of what we do is train users to do what we do on a daily basis which is putting data into CORE as accurately as possible and with speed and caution. We travel nationally with the sole purpose of making sure that we stop pen and paper and migrate you into the digital age into CORE

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